How does it work ?


Your local Cyber Twin

double fleche


double fleche

You: the user and the pilot

double fleche

The experts


Your local Cyber Twin reporter




You , the user and the pilot


The experts

“The Cyber Twin side”


Your Cyber Twin is physically on the spot wherever you want to be teleported.

He is equipped with:

  • A "beamer" :Our portable transmitter that can be easily carried in a backpack or in a shoulder bag. (size 20 X 15 X15 /weight 2.5 kg including batteries)

  • A camera:depending on the need, all kinds of cameras can be used: from a professional shoulder camera, to an action cam, with in each case the appropriate support ( many solutions available )
  • A microphone ( to get your directions !)
    The transmitter can be shipped  anywhere in the world  with its own specific waterproof suitcase,

With this equipment, he “teleports” you

  • He becomes your eyes, your ears, your mouth, your legs.
  • He has full freedom of movement: no cable or wi-fi connection needed!
  • You can control him, and make him ask the questions you want
  • With him you can explore any kind of environment



cybertwin reporter-shema2


Talk & act

our system


Our technologies are protected and derive from the latest military and professional applications.


Our system constantly and automatically manages information packet redundancy between the different lines in order to ensure reliable HD transmission at all times.

Data can be encrypted with the latest technologies, and, if specially requested, servers can be hosted by our customers.

12 ligne shema

The technology used is based on the aggregation of several mobile phone line bandwidths (up to twelve lines, with different operators) and, if necessary, on satellite or Wi-fi bandwidth aggregation.


We have an exclusive and reciprocal supply and distribution agreement with a technical partner who develops all our systems (both hardware and software).

The User's side : your side

Connect to our website and log in to your private session

 And you can pilot your Cyber Twin!

  • You need high-speed internet access to take advantage of the quality and fluidity of the transmission
  • With a large screen you can recreate an immersive environment thanks to HD transmission quality
  • You can record everything in order to keep track of the situation, review it, justify your decisions, use it later, etc.
  • You can get several people in different places involved in the same session (experts or management, for instance)

hardware needed : 

  • A PC, equipped with a high-speed internet connexion

service to customers

In addition we develop gradually additional services for our customers:

If you have nobody physically available on the spot where you want to be teleported, we can get you a reporter and he will be your “local Cyber Twin”
Just ask us!

If you need the support of an expert in any given field, we can find you one!
We have our own network of “Cyber Experts”, and we work together with networks of experts in many fields.Just ask us!

A team ready to help anytime, anywhere .


We help you to create immersive, live, “teleportation” experiences!

picto globe

Anywhere around the world , they can share their expertise with you, thanks to our unique teleportation service .

picto controle

They can pilot your “Cyber twin” , ask to focus on details (HD /4K) , analyse and solve the problem.

picto analyse

They can record the session , in order to review it and comfort their decision with others .